Calm Before the Storm.


Our house is spotless and calm after our second home study for our foster care + adoption license.


It feels like the calm before a storm. A beautiful, imperfect, messy, incredible, broken, healing, wonderful storm.

Parenthood is just a couple of months away and it makes my heart race. It’s a wild experience, this foster care journey. Nearly everything we’ve ever been told about “becoming parents” doesn’t apply to us and it is a very confusing thing.

I don’t have a child growing inside of me. I haven’t been bustling around, staying busy with gender reveals or baby showers. When telling people about our decision to foster, we never know which of the two reactions we will get: the “sympathetic smile” or genuine happiness.

Because the children who make us first-time parents won’t have my crazy curly hair or my husband’s precious smile. We won’t share their last name, or know their life history. We may have them in our lives for one week, one year, or forever.

So much about this life is uncertain.

However, we do know this:

While we share our home, we will love our littles deeply and help them to always feel safe in our care. We will keep their tummies full and their hearts protected. We will fight to help them feel loved and connected and valuable. We will love their biological families, always working toward reunification when possible. We will advocate for them. We will cheer them on.

There will be tears and anger and trauma- and rarely will there be a clear vision of the future.

But this is our calling, and we are all in.


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